My First Time at a Christmas Tree Farm

elizabeth o. vintage - christmas tree farm

Last weekend we ventured out in the cold to find our perfect Christmas Tree.  Can you believe I've never been to a Christmas Tree Farm?! A work friend told us about one in Summerland, so off we went.  As we pulled into the drive, I was surprised by the charming home at the front of the lot.  The farm is this family's (very large) backyard.  The husband and wife duo had a greeting space set up in their carport, Christmas tunes playing, hot coco, jam preserves...

Holiday Pop Up Schedule

elizabeth o. vintage - Holiday Pop up Schedule Vintage shop
We're popping up all over town! 
This is our way of getting to meet all you locals in person.
Come visit and say hi! Get your Holiday shopping going, while maybe finding something for yourself too.
We're so excited to meet you!
Friday, Nov 23rd - Lurtz & Co
Penticton, 3-8pm
Saturday, Nov 24th &...

Penticton Now ENews Feature

elizabeth o. vintage - Penticton Now Feature Local News

Shortly after moving to Penticton, BC from Vancouver, I received an email from the ENews website, Penticton Now, to see if I was interested in being featured in their In Focus section of News.  I wondered how they found me but realized I had posted a few photos of our new town on Instagram using some hashtags about Penticton and the Okanagan and realized that must have been it.  With all the positives...

EOV Handmade Collection, Decor Pillows

elizabeth o.vintage - EOV Handmade Collection, Decor Pillows

It's finally here! I've been working on this new collection for a while now and am so excited to finally share the EOV Handmade Collection, starting with Decor Pillows. All pillows are made from second hand button down shirts and sweaters.  Each is one of a kind.  There are some with pompoms, and super soft knits that are oh so cozy.  If you don't know it yet, I'm all about cozy.  The term "hygge" is the perfect description for my ideal lifestyle, the act...

Fall Mood Board

Fall is my second favourite season (my first being Christmas time).  It is filled with changing colours of the leaves and cozy layered sweaters. I love going for long walks with our dog, Kea, to breath in the crisp air and take in all the autumn colours. We're lucky that in Penticton it's sunny almost all the time, so everything around feels so vibrant and full of life.  

Fall is also home to transition, preparation and restoring.  All these things...