With the often changing restrictions and rules regarding Covid-19, we are reacting as quickly as we can.  With the newest change for the province of BC, we have made adjustments to our policies and procedures.

Hand sanitizing station is located at the front entrance to the store and is to be used by all that enter.  

Masks are mandatory. 

Occupancy in the storefront is free, no limit currently.  We reserve the right to add a limit if the situation calls for it.  

We ask for patience and kindness as we navigate during these uncertain times.

Shop By Appointment: If you feel the need or require the opportunity to shop outside of our regular hours of operation due to health/immune issues, please reach out.  We will try our best to accommodate your needs. 

Email us to set up a time or if you have any questions.

Contact us: 


     message us on social media: Instagram @elizabethovintage

                                                  Facebook: Elizabeth O. Vintage

     store phone: (250) 770 - 1837

     store address: 102-218 Main St, Penticton, BC V2A 5B2