1K Giveaway!

1k Instagram giveaway

Guys! Thank you so much for getting us to 1000 followers on Instagram! To celebrate we're giving away a basket of goodies and a $50 gift card to the shop! Head to our Instagram for the details and how to enter @elizabethovintage

It feels kinda weird that a certain number of followers on social media is a goal to reach.  But, in today's business market it's a necessity.  The conversations out there about "authentic content" are plenty.  I understand why this is important, but I also don't understand why there's an option to not be authentic.   When I share photos or stories, it's me (if it's something I'm resharing, I tag the original person)  Whether I'm happy, tired, mellow feeling or nerdy, it's all me.  Yeah, I can sometimes have what I call my "customer service" voice, but we all have a version of that.  It gets you through the day sometimes.  

Anyways, I'm glad you guys have stuck around even with my regular nerdiness.  

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