We did it! $300 to Cancer Research!

R2S elizabethovintageWe are so happy to share that through our Community Totebag fundraising we were able to donate $300 to Cancer Research with Ride 2 Survive and the Canadian Cancer Society.  

A favourite & regular customer of ours, Christie Robb, introduced the bike ride to me after reaching out via Instagram, that we were looking to take part in giving back to the community that has so wonderfully welcomed us.  And even better did it turn our...

Summer Mood Board

Summer days are here! And all I want to do is hang out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Okanagan.  We've started a little bit of a tradition, or routine, on Saturdays.  We're a part of the Penticton Farmers Market in the mornings, then come home and pick up our dog Kea, take her to the dog beach in OK Falls, and then get some ice cream at Tickleberry's.  It makes me feel like I've spent the afternoon at the cottage, and that's a big reason...

The Best Days To Go Thrifting Are?

elizabeth o. vintage - thrifting is my therapy

Thrifting is literally my therapy sometimes, and there are days I go out to shop for myself, and days I go out to shop for inventory for the shop.  Both fill me up and get my creative and passionate juices flowing.  There can be a bit of a formula to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and the best of the selection.

Shopping at Value Village can be great and overwhelming.  As we all know the pricing there has gone up in the last while, so sale...

Cozy Camping Essentials Currently in the Shop

elizabeth o. vintage - cozy camping essentials

Now that it's officially summer and after my first solo camping experience, I'm all about cozy summer essentials to get you through those hot days, and summer nights.  We've got great pieces that would go great with the outdoors, well, let's be honest, your car is probably parked next to your tent, and there's probably a flushing toilet, but those are just details.

This fuzzy fleece is the ideal layer while watching the fire burn and roasting marshmallows. 

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Why it's OK to take a break

elizabeth o. vintage - why it's ok to take a break

I'm feeling refreshed and recharged after what ended up being my first time solo camping.  it wasn't supposed to be me on my own, but things came up, such is life, and off I went.  

I had come down with a bad cold the week before and was trying to finish things off at my day job knowing I had a break coming, but was suffering through it, and feeling bad for possibly calling in sick before a week off of vacation (luckily my workplace is lovely...