December Mood Board

dec mood board
December is finally here.  A month filled with love, our 12th anniversary, Kea's 9th birthday, christmas, my birthday, and the end of 2020.  Things are of course different this year, but the feeling of cozy and nesting in our homes is the best part.  I'll be cuddling up on the couch with Kea every night this month, and that is just the ticket to make it through the last month of the year.

Random Acts of Kindness December

Holly Shop Owner

Hey Guys! I've been feeling so inclined to do more to give back to my community and all of you, especially during this time of year, and even more especially during 2020 (which is finally nearing it's end! lol).  So this month, I'm going to attempt 12 random acts of kindness.  I may need your help to get to 12 though, so if you end up doing something kind for someone, either on purpose or it just kinda happened, I want to know about it!! I know that if we work...

Small Shops Need You!

EOV Holiday Window

I think I could bellow this message out at the top of my lungs and never get tired.  The truth is, this year has been tough.  For all of us, in all ways.  Not seeing family & friends, cancelling weddings and big travel plans, businesses shutting down and not being able to reopen ever. And worst of all, people getting sick and even worse than that, people dying.  It's breaks my heart how many people have lost a loved one this year. 

With all that being said, my main...

Local Hikes To Get Back To Nature

okanagan hikes

A little while back I asked for hike suggestions on Instagram, and you guys shared so many good ones! I knew I had to share them more permanently on the shop blog.  SOmetimes being in nature just grounds my soul and replenishes my cup. The Okanagan is so beautiful any time of year, trees, mountains and lakes; what more could you ask for?

  • Peach Cliff - overlooks OK Falls
  • Trails off of Green Lake Rd
  • Naramata Falls - off of Arawana Rd
  • Three Blind Mice - bike trails
  • Brent...

A Follow Up to my Vegetarian Journey

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I became vegetarian at the start of 2020 and am still making my way through this journey.  When I first started talking about this back in January, I had a few questions asked of me of my why, why I decided to this.  My answer is still the same, I'm an animal lover.  

This choice was made pre-pandemic, and although it could have made things easier in our household, had I given in and begun to eat meat...