Tips For Shopping Marketplace

Sometimes I share some good finds from facebook marketplace for our local followers on instagram stories, and often get asked about how I find the good stuff. So I've put together a list of my tips to share, along with hope that the thrift spirits grace you with some luck!

1. Check often. This sounds like a no brainer, but things can go quite quickly and it can feel disappointing to miss out.  

2. Search for specifics.  If you're looking for a peacock chair, papasan chair, or pottery for example, type that in the search regularly. It helps ween out the, well, crap.  

3. Scroll on Sundays.  I find people are often cleaning out the garage, storage space, basement, etc. on the weekend, and get time to post what they want to get rid of on Sundays. 

4. Join Buy & Sell groups.  I'm not gonna lie, the extra notifications are a bit annoying, but some people prefer to only post their goods in the groups.  Perhaps it feels a bit more safe, or private.  And less of the masses are seeing those pieces.

This is a little vision board I made up after pulling together some inpso for a patio or balcony all with items found on marketplace, all local to the south okanagan.  With a little time and vision you can decorate a space with all secondhand items!

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