Welcome to Grand Stories Market

A place to discover vintage finds, local brands and all the boho vibes in one place.

Over the years we've taken part in markets all over BC, and we've been missing the excitement and connection (and stress, lol) that goes along with it. Meeting new customers, celebrating all things local, and making new friendships with other like minded creative souls is the best part!

Let us introduce you to the Grand Stories Market, happening here in Penticton, BC.  

It's a full circle moment for us, we started at markets, and are now hosting markets.  I'm so in love with the idea of introducing our EOV family to other cool local brands and vintage sellers.

With our first market date coming up quick, Sunday Sept 5th, I wanted to share about it here on our shop blog as well.  I'm a big believer that there is space for everyone, especially with vintage.  I love seeing how others have curated their collections, what the vibe and aesthetic is like, and what they are passionate about.  The conversations can be so energetically charged with excitement, and brings me so much joy.  

So here's a formal invitation to Grand Stories Market. All are welcome.

Hope to see you there!

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