EOV 1st BDAY Recap

We are still vibing high after our brick & mortar's first birthday back in May.  It was such a great day in the shop, and we felt the love both in person and virtually.  I wanted to recap a few of our fave moments from the day, and highlight some local businesses that we worked with to get the party started.  We had custom cookies made by Dani from Holmesmade Cookies in Kelowna, and she blew it out of the water.  Those ripped jean cookies are hand painted masterpieces, and they taste even better.  

I built our balloon garland over the course of a few days ahead of time.  Picked it up at Michael's (and on sale!).  It was super impactful for not much money, and now it hangs in our back area until it naturally deflates.  It brings a smile to my face every time I walk back there.  
And although it's me you see in the shop everyday, Andy is the man behind the scenes.  He's helped make the day happen, and we celebrated together. He picked up the number 1 balloon that morning, a vital piece to our display ;).
Thank you all again for getting us to this point.  It's been a great journey of learning, connecting and sharing.  Here's to another year!

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