Welcome To Our New Website

We are loving the look of our new shop website.  It took a few months to get everything together, but we are so happy with the end result. The previous website was all me not having a clue what I was doing, by learning and guessing along the way.  That was back in 2018.  This time around, we worked with a professional in order to up our game and knowledge. We wanted to create a more streamlined process, more clarity within each product listing, as well as a beautiful space for all things EOV.  I love how within my business, all aspects of what we do evolve and grow, and as much as a website can seem very technical, it's a journey to beauty all the same.  

Some of the things we strive for here at EOV, is to make any and every one feel special, safe, included, to take you back to nostalgia, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin as well as the clothing you wear.  So the experience you have on our website should hopefully feel similar to the experience you have in our brick and mortar.  A warm welcome to browse around, take a deep dive into the pieces that interest you, while feeling no pressure to buy buy buy.  A more conscious shopping experience creates less waste in this world, and that's a wonderful thing.

I invite you to tour around the website, click on things, and dive into our shop blog as well.  

One last note, I can't recommend Amber from Key Stone Creative enough.  She was patient with all my questions, my back and forth decisions.  She is so knowledgeable, and if she doesn't know, she takes the time to find out.  Check out her website and instagram. Another awesome Okanagan local business.  

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