Feb Style Challenge: Wear Something Thrifted Everyday Recap

I wore something thrifted everyday for the month of February.  And it wasn't as challenging as I expected.  I definitely had some repeats, but that felt good actually.  It showed me what pieces I really love to wear, and how versatile they are.  

My pink twill buttondown, may have been worn most often.  I wore it as a shirt itself, as a layer, and underneath a dress.  I was impressed with it's utilitarian vibe even with it's pastel pink shade.  

I was reminded during this that my black chelsea style rain boots are secondhand.  I wear them a ton, even when it's not raining, because they slip on so easily and are perfect for walking the dog.

I didn't wear a few pieces in my closet that aren't weather appropriate, like my cutoff denim shorts. It's winter.

I did miss a few things in my closet, but I think I'll now be able to wear those and mmix in even more secondhand items into outfits with those favourites.

Did you wear something thirfted this month? 

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