Why We Have A Shop Blog

I've been asked this question before a few times.  Usually followed by, it's a lot of extra work! And that is true, it is.  We have and use this space for a few reasons.  And the number one reason is this, I don't own my social media accounts.  Whether its Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok, I don't own the app, the account, and the chance of loosing all the content that goes along with posting on them is a little scary.  That being said there have more recently been rules and legalities as to content protection and such, which is so helpful to regular content creators.

At the end of the day, I own my website, which includes our shop blog.  If there is a day where Instagram is no longer, I still have some sort of space to gather my content and make that accessible to our customers, followers and friends.  I really get piece of mind from that.

We also use this blog space to take a deeper dive into the topics or sharings that we put out there on social media.  Sometimes you can only put so many characters in a post, or so many images, and here we are free to do what we want.  

I also think that sometimes this space can feel more intimate as a way to connect and share my voice with you all. You've taken the time to come and visit our website, and explore what we have to offer, and we are so thankful for that and hope you feel at home here.

If you follow us on social media (Instagram is my favourite), you know we are active on there.  You see my face and hear my voice often, lol.  Don't get me wrong, I love connecting with people on there! and getting inspired by all the beautiful content on there! But I'm glad to have this little corner of the internet to fall back on.

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