Real Talk: Entreupreneur Burnout

I shared a post on Instagram yesterday speaking my truth.  I've been feeling entrepreneur burnout.  This feeling has been coming and going probably since around christmas time.  Don't get me wrong, some days are soooo good, and even those days can get overwhelming in a good way.

I am so grateful for doing what I am and LOVE every minute of it.

As I described on Instagram, there's a lot to be on top of.  Social media, customer experience, stock and inventory, financials, websites, storefronts, and more.  As well as regular life, our relationships, food, self care, paying bills, and more. 

Also, it's a pandemic.  So the part of being an entrepreneur and running your own show, but you can't actually, because there are rules to follow, and big consequences if you don't.  Like someone getting ill.  

I had a week at the end of February where I was brainstorming other means of cash flow for the business, product ideas, store design, the next thing, and the thing after that.  And I literally had to close my notebook and push it away.  I reached my limit because everything I thought of either isn't possible yet due to covid restrictions, or will cost too much to put together, or it felt like imposter syndrome.  

All of those ideas and failed ideas just weighed on my shoulders.  I was turning inward, and not focusing on the present.  I was forgetting about our bread & butter, all of the awesome vintage and secondhand pieces that were right in front of me.  The talented vendors we already have amazing relationships with.  And the joy of spending time in a shop that I created.  

All of this to say, that this entrepreneur life is a journey.  We are all doing our best, and sometimes get tired.  I share this because, firstly, it's how I work through things, talking and sharing, the literal act of saying things out loud and not just in my head makes it real and let's me release.  Secondly, just that, WE are all doing our best.  My fellow entrepreneurs, my peers, you've got this.  I know I'm not alone in the struggle, we all feel it at some point.  If by sharing what I'm going through (even if it's a little after the fact once I've figured out my feelings), I'm able to help someone else, support their journey, then that helps me just as much. 

I'm learning how and when to ask for help, and what that looks like both personally and from a business perspective.  Still working through things, but the important part is I'm still here and still trying.  

Thank you all for your continued support, and love.  I couldn't be doing this without you.  Your words are so encouraging.  Know that I'm here to support you right back.  

x, Holly

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