Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

elizabeth o. vintage - red beret valentine's dayValentine's Day is coming up on Thursday! (read: holy crap, we are already a month and a half into the new year!). 

It's a day to celebrate the people you love, including yourself.  Some ways to celebrate are, going all out and wearing red or pink for the day, spoiling a lucky person in your life with a gift, having a favourite meal by candlelight, or practicing some self-love with a book and a cozy pillow.  

All of...

Winter Mood Board

QOTD: do you like traveling? AOTD: yes. #coffee #chrismas #snow #wool #autumn #cold #cozy #25daysofchristmas #fatherchristmas #cookies #fireplace #snowman #starbucks #star #candles #boots #besttime #family #lights #wood #mood #confy #tea #winter #tv #films #presents #sofa #sweaters

This winter we've been spending a lot more time indoors than we have in past years.  And, I think a large part of that is this being our first winter in Penticton, we're actually experiencing a real winter.  Andy and I are both originally from southern Ontario, so...

How To Style A Vintage Tray

elizabeth o. vintage - bamboo tray set

These bamboo trays are perfect for holding your favourite trinkets.  I've styled them in our bathroom with a few things I pick up daily.  Starting with a monogrammed mini dish for little rings and earrings, a Marc Jacobs room spray, amazing smelling hand lotion and face oil.  The size of these bamboo trays still allow for plenty of counter space for daily use.  

I think you could utilize these cute trays in other areas of your home as well.  Something similar...

Our New Logo!

elizabethovintage logo

The time has come to have an official logo! And thanks to an old friend, we now have something beautiful.  The talented Daniel Marchione put up with my indecision and back and forth with grace, until I really felt comfortable with the end result.  He does a lot of great work, check out his Youtube channel for a bit of inspo and a good laugh too (you need to watch the

My Goals/Intentions for 2019

elizabetho. vintage - new year 2019

Every year for the last few years one of my best friends and I have come up with a goal/intention for the following year, ie.  the year of travel, the year of wellness, the year of the career, and our goals always worked out to be the same.  Having someone alongside me really helped me/us stay on path and celebrate together when things worked out.  

This year, I don't think we'll have the same goal/intention, but that's ok. I'm still ready to get my goal/intention in motion.  As...