Summer Bucket List

okanagan sunset

This summer things are going to be very different, which is necessary in order for us all to get through this and past Covid-19.  So, with that being said, my summer bucket list may look a little bit different, but still full of fun!

- BBQ with friends (within our bubble) on our deck.

- Swim in the lake at a minimum once a week.

- Eat fresh veggies from my garden, it's very small, so fingers crossed something grows lol.

- Try paddleboarding again.  I've only tried once and got to...

We've OPENED a Store

elizabeth o. vintage

It's taken me a little while to write this post, as I've been so overwhelmed with love, support and lots to do. Thank you all so much for such a warm welcome to the downtown of Penticton for our storefront.

It's been about 3 weeks of being open now and we've already met so many wonderful people, and talked vintage and style.  Things still often feel surreal that we've built this, but then I remember the work of the last 6 years, and know that I'm right where I'm supposed to...

Loungewear: Perfect for Self Isolation

Whether you're being productive af, or taking things slow, these pieces will serve you for all things comfortable while we stay home.  Cozy sweatshirts, lightweight cami's, housecoats/dusters, and knitted sweaters.  Pieces that will live with you while you stay at home.

Secondhand items can have minor wear and tear from their previous lives, give them a chance to live another beautiful life with you. 

No Knead Bread

elizabeth 0. vintage - No knead bread

My two older sisters and I have a group text and we have been sharing what we're up to lately, and even before the Covid-19 situation had arisen, we had been talking and sharing some recipes, and we kept going back to talking about bread, specifically bread baked in a dutch oven.  I scored one at the thrift store in the early new year, so cute! it's mint green!, and both my sisters already had one, and kept encouraging me to try making bread.  With the current...

April To Do List

elizabeth o. vintage - april to do lists

This month is going to look a lot different than what we all expected.  Our household is doing our part by physical distancing and self-isolating as much as possible.  I've been working on becoming more comfortable with my time inside my home, and making the best of this gift of time.  Being ok with having days to do nothing, and days to be productive.  Balance isn't the word I want to use, but perhaps an imperfect balance that serves me in the moment.

This photo was...