Fall Mood Board

Crisp mornings and leaves on trees changing colour, I am here for it. 

So many of the things I love happen in the fall.  You all know my morning tea routine, and it feels so good when that hot cuppa is sipped upon during a crisp morning, while looking out the living room window.  I love getting back into some movie and televison watching, of course while being bundled up under cozy blankets.  But still adventuring outside, taking in the beauty of the season changing in nature.  Walks with the dog, hikes to viewpoints, or picnics.  I also live for cozy sweaters, but not quite needing a jacket on top.  Fall fashion is so layered and textured.  I even put up some fall decor at the shop, leaf garlands, pumpkins and gourds and it makes me so happy.  

Here are few inspiration photos from my pinterest that get my heart going for all things fall.

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