Small Shops Need You!

EOV Holiday Window

I think I could bellow this message out at the top of my lungs and never get tired.  The truth is, this year has been tough.  For all of us, in all ways.  Not seeing family & friends, cancelling weddings and big travel plans, businesses shutting down and not being able to reopen ever. And worst of all, people getting sick and even worse than that, people dying.  It's breaks my heart how many people have lost a loved one this year. 

With all that being said, my main point is that small businesses need your support! I read something a couple of weeks ago that suggested 1 in 5.  If 1 in 5 of your purchases can be from a small business, that is a big jump in the right direction.  When your purchases are broken down to 5, this pledge doesn't seem that hard.

purchase 1. gas for your car

purchase 2. groceries

purchase 3. bread from a bakery small business

purchase 4. coffee drive thru

purchase 5. gift card for your kids teacher

More than 1 of these could easily be purchased at a small business, try an independent coffee shop instead of the typical drive through when you have a few extra minutes.  

I hope that more of us can think small business, especially for our holiday shopping this year.  There could be a lot more than usual riding on having a successful holiday season for a lot of small businesses this year.  I'm not going to lie, our shop is included in that thought. My faith in our community to show up and shop local for christmas is strong! I know I will be trying my best to shop local, and even secondhand, as much as I can for my family this year.  

Happy Holiday Shopping Everyone! 


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