Local Hikes To Get Back To Nature

okanagan hikes

A little while back I asked for hike suggestions on Instagram, and you guys shared so many good ones! I knew I had to share them more permanently on the shop blog.  SOmetimes being in nature just grounds my soul and replenishes my cup. The Okanagan is so beautiful any time of year, trees, mountains and lakes; what more could you ask for?

  • Peach Cliff - overlooks OK Falls
  • Trails off of Green Lake Rd
  • Naramata Falls - off of Arawana Rd
  • Three Blind Mice - bike trails
  • Brent Mountain
  • Campbell Mountain 
  • Pin Cushion Trail - Keremoes area
  • Best Creek 
  • Nickel Plate
  • KVR Trail - so many different sections to try

I've tried a few of these, and cant wait to try more of them.  If you have any other suggestions, dm me on Instagram or leave a comment below! Happy Hiking!


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