V Day OOTD Inspo

Valentine's Day along with every other holiday in the past year, will look a little different, but still a great day to show some love to those you love, including yourself.  Whether you decide to grab some take out and catch the sunset, bring over some baked cookies to a friend, or wear no pants while binging some netflix, here are some outfit ideas to feel a bit festive.

Add a jacket and head out to grab some take out.  Even if you eat in the car while watching the sunset, it'll be a fun night.
A cute rose print tin to put those home made cookies in, would make a lovely gift for a friend.  Even if it is a contactless drop off, their tummy will appreciate the thoughtfulness. 
These two outfits are almost opposites, depending on the weather where you live.  It's pretty cold here, so I'd probably go with the jeans and a cozy sweater. But maybe add some tights under the red leather mini and that might work too.  
This last outfit is probably what we would all prefer to wear, no pants and a sweatshirt! Throw your hair up in a topknot with a vintage denim scrunchie and sip away while watching something on netflix.  

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