Why it's OK to take a break

elizabeth o. vintage - why it's ok to take a break

I'm feeling refreshed and recharged after what ended up being my first time solo camping.  it wasn't supposed to be me on my own, but things came up, such is life, and off I went.  

I had come down with a bad cold the week before and was trying to finish things off at my day job knowing I had a break coming, but was suffering through it, and feeling bad for possibly calling in sick before a week off of vacation (luckily my workplace is lovely...

1K Giveaway!

1k Instagram giveaway

Guys! Thank you so much for getting us to 1000 followers on Instagram! To celebrate we're giving away a basket of goodies and a $50 gift card to the shop! Head to our Instagram for the details and how to enter @elizabethovintage

It feels kinda weird that a certain number of followers on social media is a goal to reach.  But, in today's business market it's a necessity.  The conversations out there about "authentic content" are plenty.  I understand why this is important,...

We're Launching a Fashion Truck!

fashion truck launch

It's finally here!! 

We've been working hard for the last 6 months to make this happen, it's so crazy to finally see it all come to fruition.  

We talked about the idea last year and thought, we'll see how things go when we make the move to the Okanagan.  The discussion never really ended after that, we were dreaming up all aspects of growing our business to include a mobile shop, from the type of truck, to the logistics of getting it and running it, and of course, the design.  I wasn't so sure about...

Dreaming of Spring! with items currently in the shop

With daylight savings behind us now, spring is right around the corner.  Yes, we're still tired from the time change, and yes, we've been saying and thinking spring is almost here for the last few weeks, but the spring solstice only a week away! It's like totally legit now! 

It's time to wear our transitional pieces. And, with hopes of an extra warm day here and there, flowy dresses and denim jackets are the kinds of things that dreams are made of.  Put a scarf in your bag though, for when you realize that you're hands are...

Second Hand Jewellery, the Do's & Dont's

elizabeth o. vintage - second hand jewellery

When shopping for Second Hand or Vintage Jewellery, the options are endless.  There is always tons in the showcases at Value Village, or the local thrift store. I keep my eyes open for timeless pieces and over trendy pieces that are having their second go around and are back in fashion again.  

The fave piece of the people of late is the coin necklace.  I've found a few and they sold so quickly in the shop (hoping to find more soon!). ...