that Awkward, yet Awesome, moment of meeting someone you follow on Instagram

I lived a few of these moments over the summer season being at the Downtown Penticton Farmers Market every Saturday. First, I start that awkward stare, that's probably a little bit aggressive, and then being so sure that I've figured out who they are that I try to whisper to Andy who've I've noticed shopping.  He usually has no idea who or what I'm talking about.  And so I save the full explanation for afterward.

Sidenote: I think I'm being...

Hello September - Featuring Coats from the Shop

September symbolizes new beginnings, the trees changing colour and letting go of their branches. The leaves rustle in the wind and the sun sets a bit earlier.  And it feels like a fresh start.

All of these things get me feeling productive and ready to hunker down with a cozy sweater, blanket and perhaps even a pumpkin spice latte.  

In honour of the cooler weather (almost) arriving, here's a round up of cozy coats currently...

Real Talk: Life without Betty

Betty the Fashion Truck Elizabeth O. Vintage

I wanted to share a little bit more insight into what our business has grown to and the challenges we face by starting a recurring series on our shop blog called, Real Talk.  If your a small business owner, entrepreneur or creative, you know there are highs and lows, sometimes in the same day, and if we let it, it can potentially feel really lonely in those lows.  By sharing these things with not much of a filter, our community can grow filled with support and love.

Market set...</p>

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We did it! $300 to Cancer Research!

R2S elizabethovintageWe are so happy to share that through our Community Totebag fundraising we were able to donate $300 to Cancer Research with Ride 2 Survive and the Canadian Cancer Society.  

A favourite & regular customer of ours, Christie Robb, introduced the bike ride to me after reaching out via Instagram, that we were looking to take part in giving back to the community that has so wonderfully welcomed us.  And even better did it turn our...

Summer Mood Board

Summer days are here! And all I want to do is hang out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Okanagan.  We've started a little bit of a tradition, or routine, on Saturdays.  We're a part of the Penticton Farmers Market in the mornings, then come home and pick up our dog Kea, take her to the dog beach in OK Falls, and then get some ice cream at Tickleberry's.  It makes me feel like I've spent the afternoon at the cottage, and that's a big reason...