Scrunchie Love

elizabeth o. vintage - vintage denim scrunchie

We're so excited to launch our new line of Vintage Denim Scrunchies! The best part about them? They are made of the leftover fabric from out denim cutoff shorts, meaning less waste in the landfill.  The second best thing about them? They are so darn cute.  

Some things to note about these hair accessories, the denim is thick, so not as malleable as cottons, or other soft fabrics more typically found.  We've handsorted the scrunchies to create the most alike groupings of colour and size.  There are slight variations within, but oh so close, giving each scrunchie a lovely uniqueness.

I even tested wearing them at the gym, to work, and sleeping, and they lived up to the task.  We're really pleased with how they turned out, and hope you guys are too!!

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