We did it! $300 to Cancer Research!

R2S elizabethovintageWe are so happy to share that through our Community Totebag fundraising we were able to donate $300 to Cancer Research with Ride 2 Survive and the Canadian Cancer Society.  

A favourite & regular customer of ours, Christie Robb, introduced the bike ride to me after reaching out via Instagram, that we were looking to take part in giving back to the community that has so wonderfully welcomed us.  And even better did it turn our to support specifically the riders from our own neighbourhood.  

Ride 2 Survive is a cycling trip that is 400km, Kelowna, BC to Delta, BC utilizing the Coquella mountain pass, and is completed in one day.  It takes months of training for the riders to prepare for such a physical challenge.  In this ride there are no winners or losers, the approximate 150 riders ride their bikes as a group, so if someone is having a tough go, they literally place their hands on their teammates back and help push them along and get momentum going again.  The comradery and team work is so close knit among this group of people. 

Most, if not all, the riders have a connection to cancer.  Whether it's a spouse, family member or friend, and in some cases even themselves, have battled with the disease.  In today's world, it's a sad reality that we have all been affected by cancer in some way.  I shared the story of my Dad passing away from cancer on our social media outlets while promoting our fundraising and it was a very vulnerable moment for me.  He's been gone over 6 years, and I'm typically fine talking about him and what his journey through it was like, but in that moment, I was full of passion for what these amazing people are doing for their loved ones, it brought me to tears.  The feeling of missing him never goes away, but knowing I'm not even close to alone in the fight against cancer, I know he would be proud of us all.  

I cannot commend and thank the local riders and Christie enough for accomplishing what they have and for letting us take part in a slice of their journey.  The amazing thing about this specific event is that all the funds raised go directly to cancer research, nothing goes to administration, operational needs, or for the event itself, as it is a volunteer-run event.  

A huge thank you to all of you that purchased a tote bag, shared the fundraising information and supported this heartwarming cause.  We decided to call it the "community tote bag" because it simply represents that, our community.  We wouldn't be here without you and are forever grateful.  

We hope in the future to take part in other charitable organizations, community building, fundraising, and events.  If you would like to collaborate, build a partnership in some way, or have suggestions, email us at hello@elizabethovintage.com

R2S elizabethovintageR2S elizabethovintage

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