Winter 2020 Bucket List

snowy trees apex

This is our second winter in the Okanagan and I feel much more prepared for it.  Between figuring out what gear we needed, and learning what there is to do outdoors, we've already accomplished some of these things on the list. I added both indoor and outdoor activities because cozy nesting is just as great as outdoor adventuring.

What are you getting up to this winter?

  • Skate the Loop at Apex
  • Snowshoe at Nickel Plate, and snowshoe a whole bunch! we have our own, so it should be easy to get out there
  • Frolic in the snow with Kea
  • Try a Soup Flight at Brodo Kitchen in downtown Penticton
  • Make some soups from scratch.  So far, Leek & Potatoe has been checked off the list!
  • Take hot baths with Epsom Salts
  • Watch movies with a theme for the month, January being Tom Hanks movies, February being Acadamy Award movies. 

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