A Final Goodbye to Betty our Fashion Truck

elizabeth o. vintage - photos by Hope Renee

With heavy hearts, we regret to inform you that our beloved Fashion Truck, Betty, will not be coming back.  The damage she endured during an accident on our street was rough enough for her to be considered a write-off and a total loss.

We waited to officially share the news, as first of all there was an investigation taking place via insurance and police, but also, we felt that we needed to wait until we knew for dead certain that there was no way of bringing her back to us and mentally being able to accept that fact.

We are just beside ourselves.  It's been a tough couple of months since it all happened, and we have felt all of the emotions.  A lot of love, passion, sweat, and tears went into the work to get Betty the Truck, up and running and looking so cute. And we are so thankful for those that helped make it possible.  Especially the local businesses that took us on as clients and met our crazy deadlines.  We couldn't have done it without you. Sabre Coating, Jafa Signs, DM Creative.

I really do feel like I am grieving for the loss of a friend. She was a huge part of our entrepreneurial journey and built excitement about what we are trying to build here.  We have been trying to keep a positive outlook on things and look for opportunity within a not so great situation that was out of our control.  

We made a lot of memories in a short time and had made lots of plans for the future. Although we have had this big hiccup in our plan, we are not going anywhere.  We will still be here! Our set up may look a bit different, but we are still taking part in markets, and pop ups and continuing with our shop website.  What our next steps will be? we aren't' sure yet, but giving up is not an option! We love what we do! And our excited to see where the future may take us!

I'll never forget hearing people's comments as they walked in or out of the Truck, "this is so cool", "I want to do this too!", "such a great idea".  I know we are on to something, and can only grow from here.  

Thank you to all of you guys out there for your continued support and love.  As an ode to Betty, we wanted to share these amazing photos from the talented photographer Hope Renee, local to the Okanagan, she captures details like no other in a joyful light.  

elizabeth o. vintage - hope reneeelizabeth o. vintage - hope reneeelizabeth o. vintage - hope reneeelizabeth o. vintage - hope reneeelizabeth o. vintage - hope reneeelizabeth o. vintage - hope reneeelizabeth o. vintage - hope renee

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