Real Talk: Why We Are Scaling Back This Year

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Hey Guys, time for another chat.  This time about filling your plate too much.

We've decided to lighten our load of how many markets we're taking part in this year.  And I feel both good and a little bit guilty about this decision.  This past year was so great, but also so busy.  We overextended ourselves, especially at the beginning of the spring season.  With the launch of the fashion truck and trying to get it and us out there and visible in a new place.  We hit burnout a few times and probably quicker than usual.  

Don't get me wrong, we were appreciative of every minute of the craziness, but have learned a lot of lessons quickly as to how to manage it all.  Andy and I have both been very good at learning from other people's mistakes or challenges since we were kids, mainly from our siblings and friends, and we learned quickly that we are better together, supporting one another at markets and events, so little to no solo markets this year.  As well as, taking part in the right markets.  

At first, I felt a bit guilty about this decision because I want to be out there, everywhere, meeting people, getting to know our customers, building relationships with repeat customers.  Although, I know that deep down I need to take care of myself in order to make the best of what I do have. By taking part in so many markets and events last year, we were able to figure out which ones we liked, and which ones you guys loved seeing us at. And we're planning accordingly.

I think I've always been known to fill my plate with a little extra, I mean, there's no shame in taking two pieces of pie for dessert.  My Mom says it best, "I know you through and through, you're so determined in everything you do".  And I am.  I'm determined to do my best with every single thing on my plate.  

So, here's to taking on a little less and being able to even more successful at what is on my plate.   

Our shop schedule page will be updated as dates are confirmed, and we hope to see you guys throughout the season.

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