No Knead Bread

elizabeth 0. vintage - No knead bread

My two older sisters and I have a group text and we have been sharing what we're up to lately, and even before the Covid-19 situation had arisen, we had been talking and sharing some recipes, and we kept going back to talking about bread, specifically bread baked in a dutch oven.  I scored one at the thrift store in the early new year, so cute! it's mint green!, and both my sisters already had one, and kept encouraging me to try making bread.  With the current situation of everyone having to stay home, and having more time on our hands, I didn't have an excuse to not try out this recipe.  About a week ago I shared in our Insta- stories a No Knead Bread recipe that I was trying for the first time and you guys looooved it! Many shared that they've been wanting to try, shared tips from experience, and asked for the recipe to be reposted.  I saved it on our insta-story highlights, and thought I'd share it in a blog post as well for easy reference.

I really enjoyed making this recipe, and it was easier than I expected.  However, I was surprised at how much time the dough needs to rest, and how to plan your day around that.  During this time, it's mostly a non-issue, but if/when things were more of a normal schedule with an out of the home work day a bit of thought or planning ahead of time would be necessary.

The set of recipes that I went off of, shared with me by my oldest sister, is from the website and it has a set of 5 recipes following roughly the same steps.  I tried the Rosemary and Olive Loaf and have since tried the Roasted and Garlic Loaf.  The process leaves your home smelling so good, and so comforting. 

Let us know if you try out a bread recipe, or have any tips!

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Hope you're all doing well, staying home and healthy. 

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