that Awkward, yet Awesome, moment of meeting someone you follow on Instagram

I lived a few of these moments over the summer season being at the Downtown Penticton Farmers Market every Saturday. First, I start that awkward stare, that's probably a little bit aggressive, and then being so sure that I've figured out who they are that I try to whisper to Andy who've I've noticed shopping.  He usually has no idea who or what I'm talking about.  And so I save the full explanation for afterward.

Sidenote: I think I'm being totally cool about it at the time, trying to keep it low key and all, yeah right sister friend! you know my heart is racing right now!! 

I had the pleasure of meeting a handful of bloggers/influencers this past season, and luckily they were all so good at meeting someone new, that it just made us both laugh, and then talk about how weird social media and the internet has made meeting total strangers that feel like friends.  

Also, I do want to celebrate that all of these lovely ladies shared something about our shop, whether a mention or sharing a purchase, on their Instagram feed or Insta-stories, without being asked to do so!  Which is beyond appreciated! 

The amount of time I spend scrolling on Instagram is not something I'd boast about, that's even with putting controls on my phone to alert me when I've reached the max time, but there are positive things that come out of it. 

Something I'm proud of is the small community we have been building through our shop's Instagram account. Y'all are so amazing! It blows my mind when I share something vulnerable and you lift me up. When I share something ridiculous, and you laugh right along with me.  I've made a few Instagram friends through this experience and hope to one day meet all of you in person.

A total 180 degree moment, is when I get approached by people telling me they watch our Insta-stories, or follow our account.  I get so excited, and get a huge grin on my face and starting hugging everyone, it's a bit messy, but it really helps me know we are on the right path, and being ourselves while doing it.

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