Sunset Club

Join us each week for a walk and a sunset.  Two of our favourite things.  
Each month the meeting time will adjust to the time of the expected sunset, as over the course of the summer it does adjust, especially amongst the mountains.
For the rest of the month of June we will meet at the KVR entrance gates at the end of the cul de sac of Vancouver Place, here in Penticton at 8:15pm.
There is no necessity of working out, or powering through it.  We are simply here to move our bodies gently, take in the views, breathe fresh air, and soak in the beautiful colours of the sunset.
Donations are optional, monetary or food items.  At the end of each month we will collectively decide where to donate to.  That said, please know that your presence is more than enough. This gathering is more about connecting with one another and nature. 
The date of the first sunset club meet up falls in line with the provincial covid19 restrictions for that date.  Outdoor gatherings up to 50 will be allowed, and masks outdoors are to your discretion/comfort levels, and social distancing is still to be practiced. Should by chance those planned restrictions change, we will adjust or postpone our plans and notify you of those changes.
Hope to see any and all on Wednesdays!

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