Summer Mood Board 2021

Happy Summer Solstice! This summer is going to be all about slow living.  I mentioned in our last monthly newsletter the idea of feeling rooted, and how really enjoying the quiet, slow times in the day to day bring me so much joy.  
This mood board is filled with soft natural colours with and emphasis on greenery and the outdoors.  Enjoying the nature around us is easy when living in the Okanagan Sylix Territory, here in BC.  Mountains, lakes, and the beautiful views.  I feel very lucky to have a home in a place I love.
I also chose the idea of daily reminders.  I have a few affirmations I say pretty much daily, and they really do help my mindset.  It seems so simple, repeating a word or phrase. but it's so calming.  
'my life is romantic'
'i feel good today'
'i am present, open & well'
I used to make bucket lists for each season, and sometimes I felt self induced pressure to get things done, rather than enjoy the present.  So instead, this year I'm hoping for things will naturally happen.  One thing I do really want to do is get out on the lake with a paddle board.  So maybe that'll be my one bucket list item.
What are you hoping for this summer season?
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