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elizabeth o. vintage - cozy camping essentials

Now that it's officially summer and after my first solo camping experience, I'm all about cozy summer essentials to get you through those hot days, and summer nights.  We've got great pieces that would go great with the outdoors, well, let's be honest, your car is probably parked next to your tent, and there's probably a flushing toilet, but those are just details.

This fuzzy fleece is the ideal layer while watching the fire burn and roasting marshmallows. 

This lightweight sundress is perfect to pop on over your swimsuit and to wear for an evening walk around the campsite.  We all do it, curiosity to see what the other sites look like and the type of gear our neighbours have.  

The summer essential, and our newest fave item in the shop, vintage denim cutoffs.  Wear these with your swimsuit, or a tee or tank for a hike, or to go get some ice cream at Tickleberry's.  We've been amazed at the success this item has done for us, and couldn't happier.  Stay tuned for a full-length denim version for the fall ;)

Can't go wrong with a Festival Blanket for camping! Lay it out for a picnic, curl up in it at the campfire, and use it as a layer on top of your sleeping bag if the night gets chilly.  

And lastly, a loose-fitting sleeveless top for when you've had too much sun and tight-fitting clothing hurts too much against your sunburn.  It happens to the best of us, remember that sunscreen!!

All of these items are currently available in the shop! Click each photo to shop directly!  Do you have any camping trips planned for the summer?

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