Dreaming of Spring! with items currently in the shop

With daylight savings behind us now, spring is right around the corner.  Yes, we're still tired from the time change, and yes, we've been saying and thinking spring is almost here for the last few weeks, but the spring solstice only a week away! It's like totally legit now! 

It's time to wear our transitional pieces. And, with hopes of an extra warm day here and there, flowy dresses and denim jackets are the kinds of things that dreams are made of.  Put a scarf in your bag though, for when you realize that you're hands are too cold, trust me.  

In the shop right now we have tons of pieces that can transition to spring easily. 

A denim button-down is perfect.  You can wear it on its own, or layer it over a tank, and on a really cool day add a vest over top too.  

Having a thicker fleece to wear on that hike you can finally go on will be perfect (the trail was covered in ice for 2 months, eye roll*).  It'll keep you warm enough until your body warms itself up from doing physical activity it hasn't done in forever.

Bring out the midi skirts too! they are long enough that a little ankle showing won't get you frostbite.  Pair them with a lighter knit sweater and some short booties for a coffee date or a night out. 

And don't forget about the classic trench coat.  The coat that is the epitome of spring outerwear.  This mauve one that is currently in the shop is a fun pop of colour. 

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