How To Style A Vintage Tray

elizabeth o. vintage - bamboo tray set

These bamboo trays are perfect for holding your favourite trinkets.  I've styled them in our bathroom with a few things I pick up daily.  Starting with a monogrammed mini dish for little rings and earrings, a Marc Jacobs room spray, amazing smelling hand lotion and face oil.  The size of these bamboo trays still allow for plenty of counter space for daily use.  

I think you could utilize these cute trays in other areas of your home as well.  Something similar on top of your dresser as a resting place for your watch and necklaces, or maybe as a base for your candle collection on your coffee table.  It could also be pretty neat to use them as art and hang them on the wall for some texture within your gallery wall statement, a great way to break up photos.

These bamboo trays are available in the shop now!

elizabeth o. vintage - bamboo tray setelizabeth o. vintage - bamboo tray set

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