The Best Days To Go Thrifting Are?

elizabeth o. vintage - thrifting is my therapy

Thrifting is literally my therapy sometimes, and there are days I go out to shop for myself, and days I go out to shop for inventory for the shop.  Both fill me up and get my creative and passionate juices flowing.  There can be a bit of a formula to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and the best of the selection.

Shopping at Value Village can be great and overwhelming.  As we all know the pricing there has gone up in the last while, so sale days and utilizing coupons there make the most sense. I get email notifications to remind me of both of those, and typically sale days are the first Sunday of the month for members and open to the public the Monday following.  If you follow us on Instagram, I typically remind you guys of the sale dates, and share my sale day shopping experience and hauls.  If your in the mood to swing by and it's not a sale day, I'd suggest concentrating on home goods, as they aren't usually on sale, and you know you're getting pricing as low as can be.

Scoping out your local Salvation Army as a great spot to thrift shop.  There are two locations in my town.  I find that one is better than the other for some reason, maybe it's location? maybe it's the staff? not sure, but one typically has a great selection in furniture and the other barely any.  They do have sales occasionally, but I don't know the pattern as to when they have them, or how often.  

Your local chairty thrift stores will pleasantly surprise you.  They typically have odd hours, and are run by sweet old ladies.  The best days to shop these are right after they've had their days closed.  Any donations that have come through for the week will have been sorted and priced and will have been put on the floor in time for opening of that next day open.  One of my favourite ones is only open 1pm-4pm and typically has a line up outside on Tuesdays after being closed for 2 days.  

And lastly, Garage sales.  The early bird really does get the worm.  Saturdays are more often the day they are held, and you wanna get there shortly after opening to get your hands on the good stuff.  And don't be afraid to haggle, most often the home owners are looking to get rid of stuff and are happy to see things go quickly.  

Hope this helps you on your thrifting journey! I've started using a hashtag, #thriftingismytherapy and hope you will too! let's build this thrifting community and celebrate shopping secondhand!!


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